I used LAUREN’s services to help me care for my 83 year-old father who suffered from dementia as well as other health issues. LAUREN worked hard to ensure that he had the care that was necessary for him. She strongly advocated for him when dealing with doctors, hospitals and government agencies (such as Medicare).

Her dedication to my father’s care and well-being was priceless to him and to me and my family. I did not live in the same state as my father so having LAUREN there for him and for me was crucial. She literally became my eyes and ears.

In addition, LAUREN did a great job of keeping me informed through every aspect of my father’s care. She was always available to answer my questions which was so comforting. Her immense knowledge of elder care issues and the available resources allows her to give very good advice and make sound recommendations.

Sadly, my father passed away recently. I will forever be grateful for LAUREN’s kindness and support as I managed the final arrangements. Working with LAUREN to provide care, support and advocacy for my father was the best decision I could have made.

~ Lee Lamirault, Hillsboro, Oregon

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