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Working Together to monitor and assure care for your loved one - always, but especially during this challenging COVID-19 pandemic

Family Connect Care prides itself on providing a comprehensive suite of care services to assure a dignified, high quality of life for those dealing with dementia as well as their families.

Care management assures dignity and appropriate care during even the more difficult times.

For anyone who has been through managing a loved one’s care, “exhaustion,” “second-guessing,” and  “overwhelmed schedules” are a small portion of the task. The worry and feeling that “no matter what you do, it may not be enough” keeps many up at night.

Now, more than ever, you need help. In the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic, those communities that house your loved ones are off-limits and quarantined, several dealing with COVID-19 outbreaks among residents and staff. The board and care facilities are much the same, denying access to for your routine visits while staff are often too busy with other matters to provide comprehensive updates. And if your loved one is receiving care in his, her, or your home, do you have all the help you need?

At any time, but especially during this time when everyone is encouraged to stay home and denied access to their loved ones, we can help. Our care management services cut through the quarantine. Our professionals know the questions to ask to assure your loved ones care. Caregivers respond to our inquiries because they are pointed and on-topic. Physicians and other health providers, who continue to provide health care, have proven very willing to answer our questions, respond to our inquiries, and, when warranted, change the course of care for the better.

Family Connect Care is here to help. We can assist you every step along the way now, and always. We are just a phone call away.

Care Management

Your loved one is discharged from the hospital… or at home. You know they cannot live independently or without proper help, especially when memory challenged. How do you manage all the layers of care and organization?

Placement Services

For many, living at home is not an option. Not even with 24/7 care.

A licensed home with oversight and special offerings may be the best solution.

Transitional Care

A transition to any facility must be managed carefully. We strive to make that move as stress-free and comfortable as possible—for both your loved one and your family.

Call-in Counseling

Wouldn’t it be nice to pick up the phone and get as-needed personal/time-sensitive expert advise? Now you can! Check out our Call-in Program.

End-of-Life Care

How?  Where?  When?   An inevitable part of geriatric care management is end-of-life care. We help with guidance and handling pain and grief.

Music Therapy

Research has proven, Music & Memory helps people living with a wide range of cognitive and physical challenges.

Other Services


Advocate for the care recipient and the family

Hands-on for out-of town families or travelers

Medical and prescription coordination

Assistance with legal and financial advisors

Assessments and planning for care

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What People Are Saying

The moment my mom went to one of LAUREN’s presentations, she knew she had found our family’s advocate, leading light, and comforter. There was no doubt LAUREN and her staff were the people to take our family, and, most importantly, our mom through this difficult journey. Lauren’s knowledge of dementia and Alzheimer’s is immense.

Available 24/7, LAUREN listened, giving us gentle suggestions as we initially tried to keep our dad at home, but as we saw what my dad’s dementia was doing to our mom, LAUREN gave options for what we could do to place him somewhere that could care for him. As his days continued and dementia was taking him, she helped us find his final placement.

When he was called Home, she and her staff held our hand through the sadness. LAUREN is considered a beloved daughter, sister, and forever family member. We truly don’t know what we would have done without her. We are forever grateful.

Lori King

LAUREN understands the issues that older people face, and treats them with respect and dignity. When LAUREN met my mother-in-law, she took the time to get to know her better and was genuinely interested in hearing her life story. This really put her at ease.

I highly recommend Lauren because of her trustworthiness, her vast knowledge of elder care issues and resources, and her compassion for elderly people and the families that love them.

Susan A.

Hawthorne, CA

It was overwhelming and stressful trying to determine the appropriate care for our parents in declining health. LAUREN has been a godsend to our family!

She is knowledgeable, compassionate and very responsive. For the past seven months she has coached us and provided strategies, advice and next steps. Our journey continues, but with LAUREN as our care manager, we are confident that we are providing the right care. Thank you LAUREN!

Karen Sidney

One of the most difficult decisions I have made in my life is trying to determine whether to keep my mother at home, post stroke, or place her in a care home. The immense amount of guilt you feel can be overwhelming and leave you feeling uncertain at every turn. I was fortunate to call on LAUREN and Family Connect Care to help me through this difficult decision-making process. There are so many options and types of assisted living / senior care facilities I was so unsure over which facility would be right for my mother in particular after caring for her myself for the past five years. LAUREN assuaged my fears and gave me the security and reassurance I needed to make this life-changing decision.

LAUREN presented options in a completely digestible, relatable manner. She gave me the confidence I needed to make the right decision to place her in a loving facility with 24-hour care. I would never have been able to do that without all of her insight and knowledge. Even after my mother was placed in her new home, LAUREN continues to be present, checking in and providing guidance for future considerations in terms of my mother’s care. She is marvelous at what she does and is truly committed to ensuring you can make the best, most informed decision. LAUREN and her team at Family Connect Care treat you as if you are their family and your loved ones are their loved ones, her dedication and insight is truly one-of-a-kind.

Kathleen Rarewala

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