A heart-felt letter from a resident’s daughter —


I’ve been writing this letter, in my mind, for more than a year.     My mom, Judy, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s/dementia several years ago.  I had no idea what that meant as far as my mom’s future and her quality of life.  As I was learning about this disease “in real-time,” I met Lauren… Thank goodness!   Lauren propped me up and gave me clarity in ways I would have never imagined needing.   Lauren and her support group welcomed me, sharing their own unique journeys with their loved ones.   Thank you, loved ones.

My mom is now with Lauren and the Family Connect Memory Care team at the Chalk Hill, Solvang memory care home.  I say “home” because that is what Lauren and her team have given my mom, a home, a beautiful, safe home.  A home where she is engaged, has a sense of purpose, and is given the attention and care she deserves.  It is wonderful visiting my mom whenever I want, and seeing how much she enjoys her new home and her new friends.

Lauren frequently reminds us that this is a family’s disease.  With Lauren and the FCMC team we have a huge family to help do the best for my mom.

Lauren, thank you for coming to the Central Coast.  Your expertise, advocacy, dedication, and professionalism were greatly needed in our area.  Thank you for delivering.   I would not have my mom anywhere but with Family Connect Memory Care.

Thank you, Lauren, and to your awesome team!

Kristy Treur

Written by current Family Connect Memory Care Resident’s Family Member

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