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Led by Lauren, Alzheimer’s Association Facilitator and Educator


We Are Expanding!

Three Memory Care Homes in Torrance, one coming soon to Solvang, and a Memory Care Campus coming to Westchester! We are thrilled to be opening up our special services to people all across California.

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Unlocking the Doors of Dementia with LAUREN™

Store Coming Soon!

Everything we own, including our clothes, should work for us, and that is no different for people with memory loss. That’s why Lauren Mahakian is creating clothing with memory-impaired people in mind. Stay tuned, as we will be sharing more information soon!


SUPPORT GROUPS for Dementia and Alzheimer’s Loved Ones

On ZOOM from Anywhere: Wednesdays, 10:00am Pac Time: RSVP and receive the link at


DASHING THROUGH DEMENTIA: Learn new and creative ways to enjoy the holidays with your memory impaired loved one

On ZOOM from Anywhere: Thursday, December 2, 11:00am Pac Time: RSVP and receive the link at


Lauren talks about common misconceptions about dementia and the importance of stimulation and giving a sense of purpose – An Interview by Michael Morgan

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Now providing private tours of this state-of-the-art home!

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Memory Care Homes

5 and 6-Resident State-of-Art Homes in Torrance and Solvang, California, offering all-inclusive specialty services.  Learn more.

Support Groups

Join a SUPPORT GROUP  led by LAUREN Mahakian, Facilitator & Educator for Alzheimer’s Association, Los Angeles. Get the care you need. online virtual

Care Management at Home

For the many families that prefer that their loved one stay at home, Care Management is a great option. Our Memory Care Certified Staff will provide an Assessment of the patient’s condition, offer Recommendations, design a Personalized Care Plan, and Coordination and Advocacy with the extensive medical and care teams. We will monitor and guide. We will even incorporate aspects and provide access to many of our Stimuli™ activities and menus that make our memory homes so successful. You are not alone.

Learn more.

Podcast & Articles

Unlocking the Doors of Dementia with LAUREN™

Stay up to date with our INSIGHTS ON DEMENTIA and many of LAUREN’S published articles in her Newspaper Columns

Read our Latest Posts on our Education page!

Drinking Water is Good for Dementia

By Lauren Mahakian Contributing writer. Originally published in Palos Verdes Peninsula News on 10/21/2021 Many dementia patients do not consume enough fluids, leading to dehydration and other complications. And, because the symptoms of dehydration are similar to those...

read more
Dear Dementia Whisperer

A letter from a current Family Connect Memory Care Team Member -- In response to your question about what I kow about FCMC, allow me to consider this a short "essay style" exam question! As I navigate the company website, I always find myself drawn toward the...

read more
Hoarding and its Link to Dementia

By Lauren Mahakian Contributing writer. Originally published in Palos Verdes Peninsula News on 9/16/2021 Hoarding disorder is a persistent difficulty discarding or parting with possessions because of a perceived need to save them. A person with hoarding disorder...

read more

Lauren Writes for the Santa Ynez Valley News.

Lauren is thrilled to open her fourth home in the valley were she spent many of her younger years. She is looking to learn more about her neighbors and to serve them with her new construction, state of the art, 6-resident home opening in Spring 2021 in Chalk Hill – Solvang. As she serves her residents, she continues to serve families with valuable information in the Santa Ynez Valley News column.

Lauren Writes for PV News.

Great articles in PV News by Lauren Mahakian, contributing writer. She addresses everything from Dietary choices, Stimulating Activities, Emotional Guidance and Safety Precautions when caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and Cognitive Disorders.

Great article by Duane Plank in the El Segundo Herald. Learn more about Family Connect Memory Care and Lauren Mahakian’s commitment for the families she serves.

Part of our STIMULI program. Our resident shares some Van Gogh!



When your loved one is confronted with Alzheimer’s or dementia, it’s difficult to know all the answers. However, when you call Lauren at Family Connect Care, you can get the facts you need as well as the emotional support your family deserves. With multiple packages, Family Connect offers your family help based on your own individual needs.


We are more than proud of developing and bringing the StimuliTM program to our homes and care management! Focusing on ongoing assessments and integrated sensory stimulation, we focus on activities to encourage, heighten socialization, concentration, mood, and self esteem for those experiencing memory and cognitive challenges, increasing responses and interactions.


Plenty of research has demonstrated the connection between mental health and music. Here at Family Connect Care, our staff is trained and certified in music therapy, which allows them to treat our clients through artistic and holistic methods. Not only does music therapy assist our clients in terms of health, but it drastically improves their quality of life.


FCMC is the only memory care home utilizing this amazing, gentle, soft touch method of evaluating and enhancing the functioning of a physiological body system. It is shown to improve the central nervous, respiratory, digestive, musculoskeletal, and circulatory systems, and help with PTSD, depression, and anxiety.


PIXIE is a new program to diagnose and monitor urinary tract infections. Family Connect Care is the only memory care facility in LA County to implement such a program, putting our clients in a position of knowledge and safety regarding their health. PIXIE is available for all our clients, from those in our memory care homes to those tracking their health from home.


Why Family Connect Memory Care?

Dear Dementia Whisperer

A letter from a current Family Connect Memory Care Team Member -- In response to your question about what I kow about FCMC, allow me to consider this a short "essay style" exam question! As I navigate the company website, I always find myself drawn toward the...

Lauren puts a lot of thought and heart into what she does

I recently sold Lauren Mahakian a home in Solvang for the purpose of renovating it and utilizing it as a boutique care home for her clients that have Alzheimer’s and/or Dementia. She has several boutique homes in the South Bay area in Torrance and her clientele and...

From our Residents

Dear Lauren, We would like to thank you and all the employees who take such good care of us. Thank you for the Christmas presents and decorations, especially for the poinsettia plants on the patios. We appreciate all the Christmas thoughts you bring everyday. Thanks for all you do.

True Boutique Facility and Care

Almost 2 years ago Lauren and her team came to our rescue. My aunt, who had been at an assisted living facility needed surgery and could not return to that facility, so we had to act quickly. One call to Lauren and after assessing my aunt would be a good fit at the...

The Best Decision We Made, Even During Covid-19

South Bay Memory Care and the Family Connect Care group have been a blessing to our family. In March of 2020, our family made the very difficult decision to move my father, who had dementia, from a larger facility. From day one, he and our family were welcomed into...

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