One of the most difficult decisions I have made in my life is trying to determine whether to keep my mother at home, post stroke, or place her in a care home. The immense amount of guilt you feel can be overwhelming and leave you feeling uncertain at every turn. I was fortunate to call on LAUREN and Family Connect Care to help me through this difficult decision-making process. There are so many options and types of assisted living / senior care facilities I was so unsure over which facility would be right for my mother in particular after caring for her myself for the past five years. LAUREN assuaged my fears and gave me the security and reassurance I needed to make this life-changing decision.

LAUREN presented options in a completely digestible, relatable manner. She gave me the confidence I needed to make the right decision to place her in a loving facility with 24-hour care. I would never have been able to do that without all of her insight and knowledge. Even after my mother was placed in her new home, LAUREN continues to be present, checking in and providing guidance for future considerations in terms of my mother’s care. She is marvelous at what she does and is truly committed to ensuring you can make the best, most informed decision. LAUREN and her team at Family Connect Care treat you as if you are their family and your loved ones are their loved ones, her dedication and insight is truly one-of-a-kind.

~ Kathleen Rarewala

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