Trying to keep my wife at home as she went deeper into dementia became impossible. Not only did she develop anger and resentment towards me, but also she was intolerant of caregivers and ran away when I was out of the house. I agonized over the decision to move her into assisted living, afraid of her reaction and also dealing with my fear of loneliness. When friends told me that I was looking terrible from lack of sleep and not eating, I knew I needed help. Someone familiar with her support group activities gave me LAUREN’s phone number. She came to my house and sat with my wife, exploring my wife’s feelings of boredom, and her feeling useless, with no real purpose to her life. When we agreed to admit her to assisted living, LAUREN met us and escorted my wife to her new room and asked us to leave. Two days later I visited and found her happy and content, feeling empowered to do as she wished without my interference. LAUREN followed up on her medications, toileting, and overall care, leaving me free to visit as her husband and not her “jailer”. LAUREN is familiar with the assisted living facilities in the South Bay and is experienced at matching the patient’s needs to the proper facility. So, after several months, when my wife required more attention, she quickly facilitated a move to a more intimate residence. The change went smoothly and I now can get on with my life without worrying about my wife’s care.

~ Barry Tyson

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