The moment my mom went to one of LAUREN’s presentations, she knew she had found our family’s advocate, leading light, and comforter. There was no doubt LAUREN and her staff were the people to take our family, and, most importantly, our mom through this difficult journey. LAUREN’s knowledge of dementia and Alzheimer’s is immense. Available 24/7, LAUREN listened, giving us gentle suggestions as we initially tried to keep our dad at home, but as we saw what my dad’s dementia was doing to our mom, LAUREN gave options for what we could do to place him somewhere that could care for him. As his days continued and dementia was taking him, she helped us find his final placement. When he was called Home, she and her staff held our hand through the sadness. LAUREN is considered a beloved daughter, sister, and forever family member. We truly don’t know what we would have done without her. We are forever grateful.

~ Lori King

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