Although we observed our parents as they dealt with our grandparents’ Dementia / Alzheimer’s journeys, we were unprepared and overwhelmed when our mother became afflicted. We questioned ourselves at ever turn and every decision. LAUREN has been a wonderful advocate for mom. Her advice and counsel has always put mom first while assuring us nothing has been overlooked.

LAUREN and her team were able to befriend mom in the face of initial resistance. This relationship allows effective care management and continuous monitoring of her condition. When issues have emerged, they have been dealt with quickly and easily. Whether making small changes to her care plan, finding a geriatric specialist or accompanying mom to the ER; LAUREN’s knowledge and experience has been invaluable. Her monitoring and perspective has resulted in avoiding issues all together.

Prior to involving LAUREN, mom was deteriorating both physically and emotionally. With LAUREN’s help, there has been improvement in her health and quality of life. We are very happy to have added LAUREN as a member of our family.

~ Tim & Wade

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