LAUREN and her entire Staff at Family Connect Care have been phenomenal in every way to help me with unexpected medical emergency care needs for both of my elderly parents this year. I highly recommend LAUREN and Family Connect Care for their fine expertise and utmost compassion and immediate positive results in very difficult circumstances.

My Father, unmonitored by his cardiologist after several complaints and unreturned phone calls, sustained severe dehydration, an infection, and extremely low blood pressure requiring a trip to the Emergency Room. Due to his decline after turning 93, LAUREN expertly placed my Dad in an excellent private residential Nursing Home nearby his residence for ease of visitation. The facility in extremely attentive, caring, and responsive in every way, thanks to LAUREN’s dedication and knowledge.

My Mother, almost simultaneously, at over age 88, required a knee replacement due to long term osteoarthritis in both knees (and Mom is aiming towards a second knee replacement next year). LAUREN dropped everything as multiple needs arose became personally and immediately involved with her Staff to make sure that my Mother received proper Post-Surgery rehabilitation near her home and temporary in home care to make the transition. My Mom is doing very well, thanks to LAUREN‘s attentiveness, with her fine, caring and competent Staff. In fact, she is walking most of the time without a Walker and can self bathe. She could not have done this without LAUREN‘s oversight and emotional and physical support team.

I would recommend LAUREN and Family Connect Care to all families who have care giving and medical referral/nursing home needs. She is a true Guardian Angel incarnate with extremely high knowledge and competence to find the right solution for very complex Elder Care and serious Medical issues. Thank you Always LAUREN!

Paul R. Shankman
Hinds & Shankman, LLP
Attorneys and Counselors
Torrance, CA 90503

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