On my yearly cross-country visit, I found my usually together mom and her home in total disarray; her memory lapses much worse than could be discerned from our weekly phone calls. To make matters worse, my siblings and I were not seeing eye-to-eye on her condition or how we should proceed with her care. Thank goodness, as I desperately reached out for help, someone along the way recommend LAUREN and her team. After one call with LAUREN, I knew we were in good hands. She quickly arranged a meeting with mom, assessed the situation, came up with a plan for her care and was able to facilitate communication between the siblings. She is organized, efficient and on top of things! But most importantly, she became my mother’s biggest advocate. Treating mom, as she does all her clients, like her own mother or father, with love, dignity and respect. Most of us are dealing with aging parents for the first time, and watching them slipping can be scary and disconcerting. LAUREN calmed our fears and anxieties and, with her invaluable depth and breadth of experience, guided us gently but firmly around pitfalls and booby traps of geriatric care. LAUREN and her team are personally dedicated and committed to the safety, health and happiness of their clients. Mom is now living across country near me and adjusting well. The transition was made all the easier with LAUREN’s counseling and assistance. We were a family in crisis and we can’t thank LAUREN and her team enough for their intervention and service to our mother.

~ E. Kinsinger

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