Sometimes in life we are lucky to meet those with huge hearts who have the caring gene in them for the “chronologically challenged.” I’ve been blessed to meet two such people. One is my wife Helene who as a RN cared for the elderly. The second is  LAUREN who I can assure you deserves the nickname the “Dementia Whisperer”.

My brother Tom and I contacted LAUREN regarding our parents George and Marion who have been living in a senior care facility in Las Vegas for five years now. George is 92 with Alzheimer’s and Marion is 88 with severe dementia.

We expressed the need for LAUREN to meet my parents and then conduct a family orientation on dementia and provide feedback to the seven adult siblings based on her experience.

I provided LAUREN a 30 minute DVD of George and Marion’s life prior to her flying to Las Vegas. LAUREN met both George and Marion and was immediately able to engage both into conversations which is no small feat. LAUREN also taped her meetings and sent the videos out to all of us. We are all spread out over the US and I live in Uruguay so the video now has sentimental value.

Then a 90 minute conference call was conducted with all the siblings where LAUREN expressed her observations on George and Marion’s situation. I believe LAUREN taught all of us how best to adapt to the fact that George and Marion are in their last chapter of the lives and they are comfortably and safely ensconced in their “home”. LAUREN also provided real life experiences of those who chose to upset their parent’s tranquility and the results were unenviable.

Our family is grateful to have such a knowledgeable resource and friend in LAUREN.

I would urge anyone to contact LAUREN if you want to learn about your loved ones and how best to treat them with dignity and respect.

Thanks and hugs to LAUREN.

~ J. G. M.

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