With two aging parents (ages 89 and 91) and a special needs 62 year old brother all living in the family home, to say we had a full plate was an understatement in the extreme. For many years they managed quite well on their own and then with the help of part time caregivers coming to their home several days a week.

All that changed last November when our mother had a stroke, was hospitalized and then transferred to a board and care. The day-to-day management of our family’s needs became an almost impossible challenge. We were overwhelmed, sad, angry, exhausted, frustrated and scared to death.

Enter LAUREN of Family Connect Care, introduced to us by staff at the board and care. We met Lauren and instantly knew she was going to be our “air traffic controller.” Within minutes of meeting LAUREN and hearing about her service, we could feel the anxiety and stress melt away. My husband barely let her say two sentences before he said “You’re hired” and since that first meeting LAUREN has guided our family with care, compassion and wise counsel. LAUREN and her staff are a liaison between the elder and their family taking care of the daily activities of living, whether it be health care management, accompanying the elder to medical visits and updating the family, visiting the elder to see that their needs are met to stepping in and comforting the family as she did a week ago when our father passed away at age 92.

By not having to deal with all the mechanics of caring for elderly family, LAUREN has made it possible for us to have quality time to love, cherish and reflect as a family not bogged down with the impossible burdens of elder care.

We are pleased and honored to give LAUREN our highest recommendation. We are truly indebted to this wonderful individual and thank her from the bottom of our hearts.

~ Paul and Debbie Pifer

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