As a health care professional myself I have worked with a number of care providers and managers. With that said I have found LAUREN’s professionalism, knowledge, advocacy for clients, and overall care to be above and beyond what I could hope for and I find that she is first-rate in her industry. She treats each client and their family with amazing compassion and understanding. A major trait I look for in a care manager is someone who is able to work well with the treatment team and navigate recommendations from the team to the family and client. LAUREN does this seamlessly! She is able to not only translate medical and legal jargon into understandable information for families, but also has a knack for keeping all professionals involved on the same page. All while helping move clients and their families forward to ensure the treatment teams recommendations are being implemented appropriately. I am so glad that I have found a professional care manager who I can highly recommend to client.

~ Seraina Naef, Psy.D

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