Family Connect Care does not charge for placement services.

Placement agencies do not work for you. Their “service” is free to you because they are paid by facilities and communities when your loved one is successfully placed. They do not refer to facilities they do not have arrangements with. They also typically (with few exceptions) do not help with the placement itself, whether it’s assessing the person needing care to determine which facilities are appropriate, arranging for private tours, or negotiating rates. You may already have contacted a placement agency without knowing it. The largest placement services offer free information after you provide some basic information. We have clients who report being barraged by phone calls from facilities after obtaining “free” information from the web.

Family Connect Care can and does work with virtually any facility, not just in our local area, but nationwide. We have successfully placed many clients outside of our traditional service area and in other states. Unlike the large placement agencies, we work to understand the unique care needs as well as the personality of the person needing care to assure an appropriate placement. We work with many facilities so we understand the unique characteristics of each, which can help with ensuring the right match between a facility and the person needing care. We then continue to provide services, working with the facility to assure a smooth transition and even help with the voluminous paperwork required. If you have long term care insurance, we also work with you to successfully submit your claim for monthly benefits.

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