LAUREN’s experience in the field of aging, and particularly dementia care, is extensive. Her expertise is regularly tapped by the media and groups interested in learning more about elder-care issues. But beyond the competence and knowledge, LAUREN’s true gift to our family was her deep empathy and preemptive communication skills. LAUREN set up a system of gathering daily information from the caregivers and medical professionals, evaluating the implications of the day’s reports, and then effectively communicating them to the family. I received daily (and often more frequent) updates from LAUREN which could then be shared with the rest of my siblings via text or email. This allowed all family members to be informed and offer their feedback efficiently.

Throughout the final six months of Dad’s illness, LAUREN intuitively understood the various phases of concern and grief that we were each experiencing. She offered her heart and her hugs as we tried our best to make Dad’s final weeks comfortable, happy and memorable. She was our rock during the most difficult time our family has ever experienced. Words cannot adequately express how deeply grateful I am to have had her alongside us on this journey.

I highly recommend LAUREN’s services. If anyone would like to speak to me directly (please ask for contact info).

~ Claudia Rossberg McClain, Everett, WA

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