My name is Norm Loos. I and my family members have recently gone through a phase of life associated with Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia. Perhaps you and your family are currently going through this life changing phase. 
If you find you and your family members are in such a situation, support is just a phone call away.
This support can and will be provided 24/7 by dedicated team members at FAMILY CONNECT CARE who will address your concerns with knowledge and compassion. They will also advise, interface and consult,  on your behalf, as needed, with all appropriate medical personnel and care givers.
This support will provide untold stress relief to you and your family members that are associated with these life changes.
I and my family members have had the pleasure and are truly satisfied with the services provided by FAMILY CONNECT CARE.
I highly recommend that you contact FAMILY CONNECT CARE and believe you will be satisfied with your actions. 

Norm Loos

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