LAUREN has been a Godsend to my mother and our family. I truly do not know how we would have navigated the choppy waters of Dementia without her support. She goes above and beyond to help us make sure mom is getting THE best possible care.

Mom has other challenging medical issues along with her dementia and has been in and out of hospitals. LAUREN has helped us in dealing with the many issues that have arisen during these very trying months. She has helped us in making the split second decisions that we have had to make and found resources When we would have been at a loss.

She will work tirelessly, and into the late hours of the evening, if need be to ensure that mom is getting the help that she needs. She treats all of her clients as if they were family. I feel as though she is part of the family. And she is such a calming presence for us when things seem to be out of control. I feel at peace with every decision made on mom’s behalf. I just could not do this without her. She is an amazing person.

Not only does LAUREN have expertise in finding the right services and living situations for mom, she has taught us so much about communicating with mom in her new reality. She has taught us how to identify triggers that might confuse mom and cause agitation. We have a much better grasp of mom’s “reality” thanks to LAUREN.

~ Sheri Wendel for Carol Langner , Torrance, California

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