From the first time I met LAUREN SPIGLANIN, I was impressed with her professionalism, commitment and compassion. I met LAUREN while we were sitting in a waiting area at a local senior’s facility where I had placed my 96 year-old dad a few days earlier. I was stuck by the intensity and anticipation with which Lauren was waiting, on the edge of her chair, to meet a physician. I became curious as to what drove her with such intensity. I engaged her in conversation and learned of the many services she and her staff provide. After we spoke for a few minutes, I was certain that LAUREN would be the person I would call should my dad need a care manager.

After my dad settled into his new home at the seniors residence, I discovered that I could not effectively manage his care from my home in Michigan. I called LAUREN to set up care management services, and she immediately got to work.

LAUREN and her dedicated staff at Family Connect Care looked after for my dad’s physical, mental and emotional health for the last ten months of his life. LAUREN and her staff were always available for my dad in good times, such as celebrating his birthday, and in bad times, when he had a medical emergency requiring a hospital visit and months of follow up treatment. They were strong advocates for my dad’s well- being when care at the senior’s residence no longer met our needs, and ultimately recommended a change in residence.

LAUREN made the transition to the new residence for my dad (and our family) as smooth as possible, helping to move my dad’s possessions, checking in with my dad and with staff multiple times a day to be certain that the transition was going well. My dad was very happy to be at the new residence that LAUREN had recommended and thrived for the last months of his life. LAUREN and her assistant, Vatche, were able to connect with my dad despite his advancing dementia and were successful at anticipating and addressing his needs.

During the time LAUREN and her staff managed my dad’s care, I was never left wondering about my dad’s well-being. Communication was excellent! I received daily texts and photos, sometimes two or three times per day depending on the need, and phone calls and emails when appropriate. LAUREN always approached her work as she did the first day I met her, with intensity, dedication and commitment. My family and I were most fortunate to have found such a caring individual in LAUREN. If you are looking for a dedicated, professional staff to care for and advocate for your loved-one, I highly recommend LAUREN and her staff at Family Connect Care.

~ Nancy H.

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