A letter from a current Family Connect Memory Care Team Member —

In response to your question about what I kow about FCMC, allow me to consider this a short “essay style” exam question!

As I navigate the company website, I always find myself drawn toward the information provided, which is both well structured and user fiendly. I tis continuously updated which makes it more informative, reliable, and unique.

The vision of FCMC strongly resonates with me as it would with anyone who has a genuine interest in being part of the lives of the elderly struggling with memory impairment, dementia, or cognitive difficulties. When “love is not enough,” familyes ount on Lauren and the dedicated team of FCMC to provide a loving supportive environment for their loved ones to thrive.

The company website also presents information about programs and services provided by FCMC, which are rarely found in other similar settings. These include the Stimuli Program, Music & Memory, Live Love Art, and others. “Unlocking the Doors of Dementia with Lauren” podcast show diges deeper into specific areas and gives listenters needed information coupled with actionable advise to tackle difficulties they might face whilst dealing with their loved ones. In addition, support groups are also available on a regular baiss. Published articles by Lauren, further shed the light on areas of concren such as trnasition care management, end-of-life care, or even hoarding. In essence, any form of communiction used by Lauren encourages openness and transparency without filters, which again makes her approach totally different.

Although I am writing about FCMC website, I find myself inclined to focus on the founder, Lauren. Working with FCMC has enabled me to view elderly care through her lens; Lauren leads by example and continuously motivates her team to make a difference in the lives of her residetns. I truly wich that all care associates understand what it means and takes to be an advocate for the elderly struggling with memory loss, dementia, or Alzheimer’s. Contributing to their well-being should ba a passion, not only a career.

A tremendous amoung of effort and work was put in building FCMC adn the website reflects it!

Written by current Family Conneect Care Team Member

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