I am very grateful for LAUREN’s expertise and compassion. I have known her for several years through a businesswomen’s group we attend and am very impressed with her knowledge and commitment to her clients and their families. I have been dealing with the aftermath of my father’s massive stroke, and LAUREN’s coaching and recommendations were exactly what my family needed in learning to deal with a dementia patient, his changed behavior and the recovery process. Dad doesn’t live in the area and is not LAUREN’s client, but she still offered to drive 200 miles to his home for an on-site evaluation if we needed it.

LAUREN also provided tremendous value to a colleague of mine whose aged father needed to be placed into an assisted living program. My colleague had no idea where to begin or what to do, and LAUREN’s guidance was invaluable. He continues to tell me how helpful she has been and how grateful he is for my referral to her.

LAUREN has been a featured speaker for several organizations I attend, and I have learned so much from her presentations, as have the other attendees who were very vocal about how much value they received from her programs. I have watched LAUREN interact with family members of her clients and am very impressed with her directness and ability to manage difficult situations to the benefit of her clients. I can heartily recommend her to anyone needing an advocate for elder care.

~ Kathy Gonzalez. Redondo Beach

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