LAUREN and her company Family Connect Care offers something wonderful and unique for those who want to age at home. We started using LAUREN’s services about two and half years ago when my father’s wife died. Dad, who is a very young 93 year old, lives by himself, and we (his children) do not live nearby. We were looking for an agency that would help him around the house, and take him to various appointments.

What we found, and what I love about Family Connect Care, is that they are so much more: drivers, another set of ears to take notes during visits to the doctor, and patient advocates. Family Connect Care did all of this including alerting us when situations came up, fielding unexpected phone calls all hours of the day, and closely monitoring increases or decreases in my father’s support services. Additionally, LAUREN’s familiarity with people and places in the area is invaluable. Knowing that my father was in very capable hands gave me such peace of mind. I highly recommend Family Connect Care!

Julie San Miguel

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