We often get asked “Is it better to work with a placement agency that has contracts with all local homes and communities, because they’re completely unbiased?”

Traditional placement agencies do not have contracts with all local homes and communities. Facilities, whether large communities or small board-and-care homes, are each different. They pay referrals in different amounts, and in different ways. In some cases, they don’t pay referral fees at all. If you’re working with a placement agency, their customer is the facility and not the family in need. There is no incentive to negotiate on your behalf for a better rate. Having contracts with “all” facilities in a given area (something we’ve heard, but does not exist) is no guarantee someone is working in your best interest.

Family Connect Care is transparent in all services, including placement. Our chief concern is always to identify the right placement that meets the needs of the resident and within the budget of the family. We always negotiate with facilities where possible, always advocating for our clients.

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