Family Connect Care provides transitional care management throughout and after placement
In all placements, our goal is to get it right the first time. Moving is a stressful experience, even more so for the elderly and memory-impaired, so we do our best to achieve the perfect pairing of resident with facility. Sometimes, however, plans go awry. For this reason, we provide transitional care management throughout the move, including a series of site visits to monitor the transition. We ensure the social, medical, physical, and memory needs of the resident are being met. If something is amiss, as is often the case, we work to get that corrected immediately.In rare occasions, the match between resident and facility fails, or the resident’s spectrum of needs changes. We are never out of the picture and ready to help remedy the placement, starting with developing a thorough understanding of the situation and why it’s no longer acceptable so the correction is the right move.

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