Asking for Help

The balance between “too soon” and “too late” may be stimulation and resources.

Getting older isn’t easy for anyone, including the family members watching it happen. When we see our loved ones going through changes, it’s often difficult to accept. It’s also difficult to tell the difference between the normal symptoms of aging and something else being wrong.

Many of the early signs of Alzheimer’s and dementia too often get mistaken for normal things that come with age. Confusion, withdrawal, forgetfulness, and difficulty performing familiar tasks are signs that can easily go ignored, or worse: justified. When we excuse these things as “normal,” we miss out on the opportunity to help our loved ones when they need us most.

Rather than justifying or ignoring what they are going through, it is best to acknowledge the problems and reach out to find the solutions. Family Connect Memory Care in Torrance, CA hopes to be a part of your family’s solution.

We provide custom care to your loved one to satisfy their medical, personal, and emotional needs. We are a support system for the whole family, not just the individual. Most of all, we are here to make asking for help a bit easier.

LAUREN Mahakian

Family Connect Care Owner & Founder


A Vision of Care and Continuing Support

Thank you Lauren and FCC. I recognize that the exceptional care for my wife and the other residents comes from your vision for and commitment to a unique and special kind of care that you envisioned and have implemented. Your staff selection, retention, ongoing...

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Clean Home Where Mom Can Feel Comfortable

My mother has been living at Family Connect Care Greenwood for a year and I wish I had known about the residence sooner. I am so happy with the excellent and nurturing care that she receives and the stimulating activities, both indoors and outside, that she is...

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Navigating Mom and Dad’s Individual Needs

I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate you and your staff. Because of your guidance and help, I was able to navigate my father's sudden illness and extended care. Your compassion was so important to me at his death last year. With my living out of the area,...

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